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The BODHI-TIME is a time of inspiration, in which different possibilities can be experienced, the mind calm, the consciousness to focus, the potentials to discover.


Retreat and Reflection Time
On all spiritual paths, the retreat, the Inner, the IN, plays a central role. In our everyday life with its multi-faceted challenges, this is no longer possible for most of us. The Canary Island of La Palma, with its originality and special climate, is a wonderful place to stay, to stop and relax.


The stopping in meditation gives us the possibility to go inside and to look inside. So we get closer and closer to our potentials with time. The endeavor, programmed in us, to compare and judge ourselves in everything we do and think with the outside world leads to separation. It feeds the warlike side in us. When we give ourselves the time to stop, we get closer and closer with time, comparing and judging becomes less, life becomes more peaceful, its own potentials appear clearer. Your own life and that of the direct environment will be more peaceful and relaxed. 


La Palma

Island La Palma Canary Island


Near by the city of Los Llanos  you will find our Finca Artesano.


The Canary Island of La Palma, with its originality and special climate, is a wonderful place to stay, to stop and relax.  


The 2.500 sqm area at the finca with its large garden offers the possibility for garden meditation.

While walking, planting, chopping, weeding, watering, cutting and shaping, our body is in contact with mother earth and the life energy of the plants. This is a wonderful possibility to be in one's own presence. This in itself is a precondition for the discovery and development of one's own potential.


There are several places on the finca available for mandala creating, as in the tradition of Buddhist monks. This creates an interesting possibility to focus the consciousness on the present and afterwards letting it go.

A guided hike takes place in the natural park La Zarza. It is one of the ancient magical places of the native inhabitants of La Palma, the Benahorites, which still can be felt in silence today.


The Bodhi time can be combined with a holiday stay on the island of La Palma. The island with its 5 climatic zones, and its originality, offers a wide range of discoveries to all nature connected persons and to those who want to become one. At the Finca Artesano we offer several small, plain and nicely done up  apartments which support the discovery and development of one's own potential.


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"Detox your Spirit"


7 days workshop offer


The Meditation-Workshop is wonderful to combine with your vacation on the Island La Palma. With its 5 climate-zones and its origin nature offers all nature connected people - and those who want to become it - a diversity of discovery opportunities.

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Explore and experience different forms of meditation. To calm down your spirit and develop your personal potential.


At carefully selcted places and at the bright rooms of the OSTEND-PHYSIO surgery we will find  the chance to develop ourselfs.





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Meditation and Potential Development


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